Japan Community Power Association is a network of organizations and key persons working on community based renewable energy projects. It was established in May 2014 as an evolutionary re-organization of the Community Power Initiative (established on June 19, 2013).

Based on the principle of cooperatively promoting community based renewable energy development to realize a sustainable and self-reliant local society, the association has developed social business models, shares information and experiences, conducts policy research and proposals, fosters capacity building, and provides business support.

Japan Community Power Association has been networking with community power organizations and their key persons around the world to share knowledge and experiences interactively. As a nexus of such a network, the 1st World Community Power Conference was held in Fukushima in 2016, and the 2nd World Community Power Conference was held in Bamako, Mali in 2018 in collaboration with the Mali Folkecenter.



Japan Community Power Association (general incorporated association)


Yotsuya Saneicho 16-16
Shinjuku, Tokyo
Japan 160-0008

Establishment & History

May 23, 2014 Establishment of Japan Community Power Association

March 11, 2014 Declaration of the launch of Japan Community Power Association
February 2, 2014 Promised to launch a new network in the Fukushima Community Power Declaration.
June 19, 2013 Launch of Community Power Initiative

Business Activities
  1. Information sharing
  2. Policy research and recommendations
  3. Social model development
  4. Capacity building
  5. Public relations and dissemination
  6. Networking
  7. Community power certification
  8. Business support
Board of Directors

Representative Director: Toru Suzuki (Chairperson, Hokkaido Green Fund)

Representative Director: Kazumi Toyooka (Secretary General, Tokushima Regional Energy)

Director: Noriko Hattori (CEO, Shizuoka Mirai Local Energy)

Director: Tetsunari Iida (Founder/Chairperson, Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies)

Director: Hideyo Isobe (CEO, Aizu Electric Power Company)

Director: Masahiko Shizawa (Executive Vice President and COO, Hotoku Energy)

Director: Hiroshi Sasaki (Chairperson, “Oratte” Niigata Community Energy)

Director: Mayumi Fujikawa (Member of Renewable Energy Shinshu-net)

Director: Yasuko Inoue (CEO, Takarazuka Sumire Electric Power)

Director: Midori Nakahara (CEO, Yamaguchi Community Energy)


Hiromichi Ito (Professor, Chiba University of Commerce)

Honorary Chairperson

Yaemon Sato (Special Advisor, Aizu Electric Power Company)

Community Power Map

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